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A Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas

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A Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas

By: Dan Haley

Ahoy! And welcome to A Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas. This interactive adventure takes you on an adventure for pirate treasure, and you are sure to interact (figuratively) with Captain Jack and some of his enemies along the way. You can locate this interactive adventure within the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. The adventure is included with park admission and is appropriate and fun for all pirates, big and small. Although, if you have a little pirate that is frightened by scary voices or the sight of items like skeletons you may want to skip this adventure.

The process starts when you report to the Enlistment Quarters. The Enlistment Quarters is a small, nicely themed building, located just inside the Frontierland side of the walkway between Adventureland and Frontierland, near Tortuga Tavern.

In the Enlistment Quarters you will need to check in for the adventure. There is always a Cast Member dressed in appropriately themed costume to help you register using touch screen monitors.

After the check in is complete you will need to collect two items.  The first item needed to head out on an adventure is one of the five maps available at this time. You can request a certain map, or collect the map displayed on the screen at the completion of check in. The maps are very nicely themed and detailed enough to follow making it easy for just about anyone to join in the fun. You may have to help little ones that cannot read yet, but that is half the fun!!

The second item you will need is a paper talisman. This is a very important part of the adventure because it activates the interactive components at the various stations. The talisman is the magic behind the game

Because the game is to be completed in sequence you will receive instructions at the Enlistment Quarters on what symbol on the map to find first.  If you get off course, or out of sequence, the game will warn you to get back on course. The adventures are in a very small area of the Magic Kingdom with all interactive stations being located in Adventureland.  The maps provide fairly detailed sketches of the various stations with some clever text instructions making them very easy to follow.  Inside of each map there is also a letter from various characters addressed to Captain Jack. The messages really add to immersing you in the adventure.

Now that you have all the required items it is time to head out on your adventure. It is very easy to do.
Find the first station on the map

Locate the area in Adventureland and find the symbol on the map at the station, place the talisman on the symbol found at the station...

...and wait for the effects, and there are some good ones!!!!

Then wait for your next instructions. Each station instructs you where to head to next.

A Pirate Adventure is well worth exploring. It is a fun, interactive, and immersive experience for any age. If you are really a ride attraction junky and just can’t stand to pull yourself from Splash Mountain, fear not, the adventures only takes about 15 minutes or so to complete a map. Once you complete a map you can either quit, or return to the Enlistment Quarters and get another map to head out on another adventure. We have accomplished all five adventures and my 5-year-old son has his favorites that he likes to revisit from time to time.  When you complete each adventure the maps and talisman are great souvenirs.

So, the next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom report to the Enlistment Quarters, grab a map, talisman, and transform yourself to the high seas and go on a search for pirate treasures! I will warn you that along the way you’ll need to watch out for firing cannons, skulls, blow darts and battle ships along the way!!!!! After all, “it’s a pirates life for me, savvy.”

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