Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up - App Review

 By: Nick

If you've seen the new Mickey Mouse cartoons Disney has released recently, you'll know that they are very clever.

The Mickey Mouse: Mash Up app for iPhone, iPad and iPod gives you the opportunity to be as clever as the Disney animators, because YOU get to help Mickey Mouse complete one of the cartoons, "No Service."

Mickey asks for your help, inviting you to draw something large you would find at the beach.

I drew a sand pail.

Now it's time to color it in.

It's going to sound like I'm making excuses, because I am, but this app is probably great on an iPad, as drawing and coloring is much more difficult on an iPhone, which is what I'm using here. But artistic skills aside, this is fun regardless, and you can always start over by using the icon in the upper right hand corner. Just click on that...

... to be brought to the menu, where you can choose a point to go back or forward to.

You are then invited to draw something small you'd find on the beach,  and something silly for Mickey to wear.

All these drawings will be used later in the cartoon!

As the cartoon progresses, you are asked to contribute new illustrations.

 For instance, the sign needs to be completed with a food item. The drawing by me? A hotdog.

In addition to drawing activities, there are interactive games throughout. Here, I'm picking a feather I'll use to tickle Donald with!


Why is Mickey naked? Spoilers! You'll be using your drawings from earlier to help Mickey out of a tricky spot!

There is plenty to entertain both young and old here, with appearances from Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

At the end Mickey thanks you for helping finish his cartoon, and invites you to celebrate by drawing a picture of him, either using a template to draw over, or a blank page to draw from memory.

You can even view past mouseterpieces.

The app is $3.99 and lots of fun, with plenty of potential. I'm assuming Disney will be adding additional animated shorts in the future, adding to the re-playability.

We would like to thank Disney Publishing for providing this App for review.

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  1. There are times when I wish I had an iPhone or iPad, this would be one of them! How fun.


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