Monday, December 16, 2013

Crystal Palace for Lunch with Character(s)!

Crystal Palace for lunch with character(s)!

By: Gaylin

I have been on two solo trips to WDW in recent years. The first one I made a table service reservation for each day and the second one I only made one table service reservation. I will be going a solo trip again in May 2014 and will be doing a few table service meals but not one every day. While it sounds great to have a reservation every day, I found it too much like having an appointment time I had to meet every day.

Some people might find it odd to make a reservation for one and a few cast members gave me funny looks as well but it is nice to sit down and relax during a vacation and have a nice meal. I don't bring a book to read or have any distractions, I people watch and enjoy my food.

One restaurant I love is the Crystal Palace. The food is pretty good for a buffet, plenty of veggies and good choices in meat as well. Enough options that it is easy for me to fill up, even having to skip a bunch of items because of food allergies. And the bonus . . . Pooh and friends!

Being the goof that I am, every time I eat at Crystal Palace, I wear my Pooh and friends shirt as well! One of the characters always points at it and claps their 'paws'! When you eat there by yourself you can always count on the character attendant or another diner to take your photo. About the only problem is, there will always be other people in the background of your photo. Have your camera ready and be prepared to let your food get cold when the characters come around because it is photo time!

And here they are, my friends from Pooh Corner . . .

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