Thursday, December 26, 2013

Walt Disney World Day Trip

By: Barbie

What would you do if you were given eight hours to visit whichever Disney World Park you wanted to?

For me, it's a dilemma. This is something that either takes a lot of thought and careful planning, or you immediately know the answer; there's nothing that could change your mind. I'm not that type of person!

Do you go to the Magic Kingdom, because, well, it's the Magic Kingdom! It has the most magic of course!

Do you try for a two for one and hit EPCOT and Hollywood Studios together (because you can walk or take a boat between the two)?

Or do you go to Animal Kingdom because it's a cool, laid back park?

After deciding that, what do you eat?! Do you eat on the go, or do you savor the time you have and take in an awesome meal? These are important questions that need to be answered! I need your help!!

What would YOU do?


  1. I look forward to hearing some feedback on your question. We'll be visiting WDW in a couple of weeks for the marathon weekend and it is our first visit to the east coast resort. We purchased two day/1 park per day tickets to fit in while we are there. Our plan is to hit MK one day, and EPCOT the other day. But we'd love some input from the experts!

    1. I'm assuming you live near DL with these suggestions, Charla. I'd skip rides such as Space Mountain and Pirates at the MK, because the Disneyland versions are superior anyway, and focus on the New Fantasyland attractions and restaurants. At Epcot, I'd maybe skip Soarin' (again, the California Adventure version is actually better because the print seems cleaner), and focus on the Future World attractions that interest you in the morning, and head to World Showcase in the afternoon.

  2. I think on a one day trip, I would choose the Magic Kingdom. Start with the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and then Splash Mountain. If would have lunch at Crystal Palace, shopping and then keep meandering around, going on any ride with a short line-up!
    I love Epcot (Turtle Talk with Crush!) but for a one day trip, I think I would go to MK - it also has the best people watching and of course the castle.


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