Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Case for Vinylmation

They have been growing on me! Yes, Disney's vinylmations are starting to appeal to me, and I thought it couldn't happen. Disney has been putting out some really sweet characters, unique sets that are extremely collectible as a series, and pieces that can even be hung on your Christmas tree! Here are two of this year's Jingle Smells that are ornamental, they are supposed to smell like the treat they hold; gingerbread, pie, but they really don't (don't hold that against them).


Here are a couple others that have taken hold in my heart: the grey and pink mouse must have been in every trading box because every time the hubby went to make a trade he'd end up with this mouse.

The pink flowery mouse wouldn't take no for a answer from us as its new owners. It decided to become the protector of my phone and the girlfriend of Remy, another favorite. It is always protecting the phone from being lost. What a good mouse. How can you not love that face? They both have a forever home now. Pink mousie will not be traded away!

Even though I have been neglecting this blog, look forward to a couple more posts on exactly how much fun Disney vinylmations are. Of course, you can read all about them from my hubbie's perspective, a guy who embraced them long ago!


  1. Welcome back!

    And you have my sympathy. I blame Nick for infecting me with Vinylmationitis, and I'm sure you've come into contact with the same carrier!

  2. Lee! I have the bug, and it's contagious! Watch out!


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