Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thrift Store Disney Glasses

Guest Writer Wednesday

Thrift Store Glasses
By: Gaylin

I don't have much luck out here in the Pacific Northwest finding Disney treasures in thrift stores. Also, I don't have many thrift stores in my neighbourhood. I was in the Salvation Army Thrift Store a few weeks ago and lucked into finding these! At first I thought they were all from the same set until I got home and realized two were from a MacDonald's promotion and the other one from ???

First one is a lovely glass with Pooh and Tigger on it!
Both Tigger and Pooh look quite happy on these glasses!

Next up is one of the glasses from MacDonald's restaurant. I know this was a Canadian promotional product because Cinderella is in English and French. Although it is hard to see (printed in white) there is also a Coco-Cola logo on the glass.
Going around the glass: first up, Cinderella herself.

With the Prince at her feet. (Did you know Cendrillon was Cinderella in french, I didn't.)

 Next is Lucifer, looking very pleased at finding Jaq and Gus.

And finally the Fairy Godmother with those helpful birds. A lot of detail on one glass!

The next glass is for Fantasia, which must be spelled the same in English and French as it is only printed once on the glass.
First up, Mickey with the ensorcelled brooms and buckets.

Then the dancing alligator . . . or crocodile?

What every drinking glass needs – a dancing hippo!

And finally all three glasses together, you can see the variation in shape and size from the 2 MacDonald glasses to the Pooh glass.

I thought these glasses were quite the find and they are used every day, I love them.

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