Thursday, July 18, 2013

Honey, Where's the Super Glue?

This post is another tutorial for you, in case someone you love breaks one of your Disney figures. In this case, we will be working on a Japanese Gashapon: Belle from Beauty and the Beast holding the glass jar containing the rose. It is a tiny plastic toy.

First of all, get your supplies together. Not much is needed for this quick fix; a couple toothpicks, super glue and a paper plate. Easy!

Examine your pieces and make sure the broken bits are clean and free from dust, dirt and old glue. Check them out carefully, see if they have any notches in them so you don't have to worry about lining the separate parts up on your own. 

These pieces have notches, so gluing them together will be a breeze! Fit them together first to make sure they go together easily. Next, prepare for the super glue. Place a small dab on your plate. You don't need much to take care of this project. Be careful not to touch the glue.

Use the pointy end of the toothpick to daub a bit of the glue and tap it onto the area you want to fix, the notched area in this case, and the opposite side. I placed the dome on top, put a tiny bit of pressure on it with my finger for about twenty seconds and placed it aside.

I repeated the same procedure with Belle's broken arm, and left them to cure for an hour. I'm sure that was way more time than was needed, but better safe than sorry!

So here is our tiny Belle in all her glory. She is fixated on that rose! For such tiny toys, they are very detailed. These are gumball machine toys in Asia. How cool is that? I know Nick would be spending all his lunch money on these if there were gumball machines with these in them here!

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  1. It sucked that I was too busy at work to pop on Musings and see the talented Barbie at work!

    You have SO much patience. What a lovely tiny piece of art. Great job fixing it.

  2. Thank you Gaylin, you are so supportive!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Barbie! Broken figurines may be a common scenario in a house with children running around to play, that’s why I recommend you to have a Super Glue ready in your house. It's great in fixing ceramic-made materials.

  4. You're right, Shannon, and you can now get super/crazy glue in "one-time-use" multi packs. Very handy! As long as you can remember where you've stashed them!


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