Friday, July 26, 2013

Disney Character Surprise! : Story Behind the Photo

Left to right: Kandi, John, Barbie, and Nick

By Nick 

In January of 2011, Barbie and I were with our friends Kandi and John at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We were just leaving the park for the afternoon, when Barbie asked a Cast Member to see her pins. Barbie spotted a Stitch pin and asked to trade. As the Cast Member was handing her the pin, she asked if she liked Stitch.

Barbie said he was her favorite, to which the CM responded "Follow me."

We all followed her to a little cul-de-sac by Guest Services, where she asked us to wait a moment.
A couple of minutes later, Stitch peeked out from behind a corner!

But the surprise didn't end there. As Stitch walked out, he was followed by Donald Duck, then Daisy Duck, Piglet, and Minnie Mouse!

We had our own private meet and greet!

I wish we'd gotten the wonderful Cast Member's name, as this was really a highlight of that trip.

For more photos from this experience :


  1. That is so terrific. Barbie - it looks like you can't smile any bigger!
    I think I would have been rendered speechless if this had happened to me.
    How fortunate you were to run into that CM!!

  2. Gaylin, not only was I rendered speechless, I was trying my hardest not to burst into tears of joy, getting to have this perfect moment, and share it with friends as well; priceless!

    1. That makes it even better! Friends, near tears and speechless. Another priceless Disney moment.

  3. OMG how adorable!!! What a great CM.

  4. I know, right, Brandy Leigh! Cast members can make or break your holiday!

  5. So awesome!! Those moments are what make Disney trips so very special!!

  6. Our Daughter would of loved such an experience as Stitch is her favourite!


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