Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do Your Remember: SpectroMagic?

Recently sad news came from Disney: SpectroMagic at the Magic Kingdom has been retired.
Sadder still, I don't even have any good photos of this wonderful parade!

The Main Street Electrical Parade is okay, but I really felt that Spectromagic was more, well, magic.
Which parade do you prefer?


  1. I will look through my pictures, Nick. I may have some good ones.

  2. I can remember the music for Spectromagic just from reading this - so I must have seen it more than once!

    Don't know if I have any photos or not because I have never had a great camera, always a point and shoot.

    Wasn't there a rumour recently that Spectro was coming back?

    1. Disney recently announced it was officially retired, Gaylin.

    2. Well at least I knew there was something announced, even if I had it completely wrong!

      Are you a member of
      If you go to Magic Kingdom and scroll way down, you can listen to the music from Spectromagic.

  3. I loved this parade, and especially the music. I'm really sad that its retired


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