Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big Fun, Mini Golf

Guest Writer Wednesday
Big Fun, Mini Golf
By: Gaylin

In Spring 2005 my travel friend and I were leaving Blizzard Beach, I noticed the sign for Winter Summerland Miniature Golf and we decided to take some time to play a 'round'.

Believe it or not, I had never played mini golf before and don't play big golf either. Turns out that mini golf is a lot of fun. You have a choice of two courses, the Winter side, which is all themed winter and Christmas and the Summer side which is themed summer and Christmas!

We chose the Winter side and it was a lot of fun, 9 holes and all of them had some kind of challenge, slopes, moving pieces, lots of theming to enjoy.

This first hole is set up like an outdoors hockey rink and the hole is in front of the goalies net!

This is my lame attempt to get the golf ball int that square in the front of the toboggan. You might notice that there is no hair at the back of my neck, I had my head shaved a few weeks before that vacation, for charity! Being bald was the easiest vacation hairstyle I ever had!

If  I remember correctly, not only did you have to get the golf ball into the castle door, it had to go to the right spot inside to roll out to the right to get to the hole.

Next up, Mickey, Minnie & Pluto snow carvings!

This one looks like it would be easy, the hole is right in front of the snowman but the surface was rippled and that darn golf ball would not go in the hole.

This was by far my favourite hole of the course, if you got the golf ball in the right spot in the snow in front of the pole, the stripe in the pole is moving! It picks the golf ball up and rolls it up the pole and then drops it out the back where it goes right into the hole. I got a hole in one on this one, I was a very proud newbie mini golf player.

This was the only time we ran into the people playing in front of us, we slowed down and took some time playing around the candy to let them get ahead of us again.

This last hole was fun as well, the Santa legs lift up and down and you have to get the golf ball to roll under them at just the right time or it keeps returning to you to try a gain. Love the flippers instead of stocking!

I don't know how much time it took to play the course, I know we both had a lot of fun. I lost by a couple of points but didn't really care. Would I play mini golf again while on vacation - Yes! It was a great way to take a break from the theme parks, next time I will take more photos.

Next time I will try the Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf outside the Boardwalk Resort.


  1. I keep meaning to make time for this on each WDW vacation and then forget or something. I played the summer side once and loved it!

    Don't think I'm willing to shave my head though!

    1. I got quite a lot of second looks being a woman with a shaved head! Not necessary for mini-golf!

      I did raise $1500 for the local Children's Hospital, thought that was a nice amount to donate.


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