Friday, July 5, 2013

America on Parade Metal Lunch Box

The United States of America celebrated it's 200th Birthday, or Bicentennial on July 4th, 1976. Disneyland and Walt Disney World started celebrating this momentous occasion on June 6th, 1975 and continued to do so through September 6th, 1976 with a spectacular parade that served as a daytime and nighttime extravaganza.
There were plenty of souvenirs to commemorate this commemorative commemoration, such as this metal lunch box.

The front features Mickey, Goofy, and Donald paying homage to the painting "Yankee Doodle 1776," by Archibald M. Willard.

The other side shows an example of the floats, which focused on American historical events, innovations, and leisure activities.

The floats were made in a large and exaggerated scale so everyone would "view the parade through the eyes of a child."

The inside doesn't have a clip for the thermos for some reason.

The thermos essentially features the same images as the lunch box.

We hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th, and have a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend.


  1. Whenever I see patriotic America items . . . I always end up thinking about Sam the Eagle in the Muppets 3D!

    Do you carry this lunch box to work?

  2. I would have used this, if I was a kid....but when this came out, I was already a senior in high, even though I think of myself as a Disney "nerd" now, back then, I would not have wanted to admit that!! LOL!!


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