Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bill Nye the Science Guy App

You have probably seen Bill Nye the Science Guy at some point, even if you've never seen his Emmy Award winning show, you'll likely know him from Ellen's Energy Adventure at Epcot.

Disney is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bill Nye the Science Guy with this free app!

Scan yourself into this app using your thumbprint...

...and your in, and ready to explore Bill's desk of science!

You'll learn about sundials on Mars.

Tap on the robot on Bill's desk, and you're taken to a game where you dig for artifacts.
It is very addictive despite the simple graphics.

Avoid obstacles, including an overly friendly dog, and locate hidden articles, some trash, some treasure. It's decievingly difficult.

Click on the rocket on the desk to be taken to another game, just as addictive, and even more educational.


The television brings you to episodes of Bill's show, which can be purchased from the iTunes Store.

The book has do it yourself science experiments!

There are a couple more articles on his desk, plus you can look inside the desk as well, but I'll leave those surprises to discover on your own.

This is a fun app, and you really can't beat the price!


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