Monday, October 13, 2014

Pixar Place

by Gaylin

First thing in the morning at Hollywood Studios, there is a rush to get to Toy Story Mania to get a Fast Pass. Now with the new FastPass+ system, it was great to make a FP+ reservation 60 days in advance and not have to worry about the rush, just show up at the appointed time and get on the ride!

I arrived at Pixar Place early to take photos, it is such a wonderful, colourful area, lots to look at and enjoy. The sign over the entry makes it pretty obvious where you are.

At the entry to Toy Story Midway Mania you can see the signs for the stand-by line-up, 55 minute wait when I took this photo at 12:19 p.m. when my FP+ time slot started.

 I love the big Scrabble tiles in the sidewalk.

Nice to know there are green army men keeping watch over the safety of Pixar Place.

The queue into the ride is very, very colourful and fun, so many toy pieces from my childhood made giant size!

And how fun would it be to have an Etch A Sketch that was this big. Did you notice it is being held in place by globs of Play Doh.

Remember to look up, Tinker Toys are holding the place up!

I was in the Wheezy ride vehicle.

I am not very good at shooting games so my paltry 104,600 score was okay for me . . .

 but no match for the months best total of 460,600!

And if you are lucky when you are out walking around Pixar Place, you might run into a Green Army Man, who is happy for any photo op!!!

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