Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary Memorabilia

By Nick

Much like a museum, there is nowhere near enough shelf and wall space to display all of my collection, so, much of it is in storage. These were just pulled out of the attic.

I was in the Magic Kingdom October 1st, 1996 for Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary, and picked up several souvenirs.

One was the special 25th t shirt, long since worn out, a white shirt with the same graphics as this button:

Another button, this one lenticular:

And finally, I'd like to share this Souvenir Pack:

It includes a pennant, sticker, and another button.


  1. Wow that pennant is in really good shape, you must pack this memorabilia up very careful. I love that the pennant is shaped to follow the contours of Mickey.

  2. Very nice. Isn't it great how blogging allows us to share items from our collections that would otherwise just be sitting in a box somewhere because our homes lack the space of a real life-size museum. :)


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