Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vintage Ticket Book or Who Mourns the E Ticket?

By Gaylin

And we’re back to 1978

Here are some surviving ticket books and a parking stub. As you notice there are no ‘E’ tickets left in either book. Those were always the first ones used up.

I seem to remember the day we were there was a very hot day in July (is there any other kind of day in Florida in July!) and we stood in line for Splash Mountain for at least an hour. Wow, parking was 50 cents for the whole day! Well, 48 cents and 2 pennies in tax. I even wrote on the back which lot and row we were in.

We were supposed drive home to my friends house in Rockledge, FL at a ‘decent time’ but of course we were teenage girls and had to stay to see what happened after dark at the Magic Kingdom!

Summer Delight It Happens At Night! brochure

Back cover

Opened up

… aaaaand… then we went home!

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