Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Tale of Two Mickeys

By Gaylin
It is a good thing people occasionally buy me presents because I don’t shop much and sometimes Mickeys arrive all nicely wrapped for me!

These two toys are replicas and are quite lovely. I don’t have them on display at the moment since my dusting skills are rather lacking and neither of these is cleanable. The toy company name is Schylling and the boxes have both Disney and Schylling’s name on them. Both are from the Retro Disney Collection and while they are distributed from Massachusetts, they are made in China.

They came in these great boxes:

Doesn’t everyone need a Fun-E Flex Mickey!

I didn’t think when I took this next photo but it sort of looks like Mickeys in coffins:

I do like how safely these are tucked away and as long as no silly children play with them, they shall stay safe forever! I am not sure why the Flex-E Fun toy has yellow hands, maybe because his feet are wooden.

Look, they escaped the boxes! The wooden Fun-E Flex doll has a wooden body, hands and feet. The ears are felt and the arms are cotton-braided cord over flexible wire. His tail is just cotton cord. The vinyl doll is all vinyl (duh) except for his shorts.

I love the hole cut in the shorts of the vinyl doll for the tail to stick out of.

The profile on the Fun-E Flex doll is a bit odd, not the Mickey we know now but not really the original Mickey either.

Both dolls have Disney and Schylling on the feet.

Look our arms move, yahoo!!! And one of us can almost kick up our feet . . .

I hope you like my rather original Mickey toys. I have yet to see them anywhere else but as they do seem mass-produced, I bet a lot of other people do have them.

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