Sunday, February 23, 2014

Big Top Treats at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

By Nick:

I've written about Big Top Souvenirs in the Storybook Circus section of the Magic Kingdom in the past, and talked briefly about Big Top Treats, located within the big tent. I thought we'd take a more in depth look at the snacks available there today.

You can get caramel corn, cotton candy, and Goofy Glaciers, which are essentially ices or slushies.

You can get fudge, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, brownies, and you can even go "healthy" with chocolate covered strawberries or a caramel apple!

And you can watch many of these treats being made right before your eyes!

I bought a Mickey Candy Apple on our last trip. This is more of a meal than a snack!

How do you eat this ginormous treat? Well, you can ask to have it cut into pieces right there. Yes, it is sad, but sad delicious!

You can take your snack (or meal) outside to enjoy, and perhaps be lucky enough to catch a Main Street Philharmonic performance!


  1. While I am on vacation at WDW, that is the only time I ever eat fudge. I love the special time of year fudges. Pumpkin in the fall, peppermint at Christmas time.
    I don't have as big of a sweet tooth as I used to have, I love looking at all the treats but it is rare for me to get one.
    Hope you have a sweet Sunday!


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