Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mickey Mouse Watch – Vintage Style

By Barbie

Years ago we were handed an old yellowed shirt box tied up with twine. Nick's parents were cleaning up and wanted to get rid of stuff. This box had the words "Nick's Box of Memories" written in big block letters on the top.

Inside were old report cards, drawings, black and white photos, a tiny baby outfit and his childhood Mickey Mouse watch, the crystal on it so scratched up and foggy you could barely see underneath to the Mickey. Nick loved that watch as a child, it was obvious in the way it was completely worn out.

So I decided that as a gift for a special occasion, I would have it professionally refurbished. I took it to my most trusted jeweler, Mortimer Jewelers in Burlington, NJ. Mortimer? Hello?!

Mortimer was the first name Walt Disney had chosen for his new cartoon mouse back in 1928, until his wife Lillian suggested Mickey. I felt this was fate!

Mr. Mortimer had to completely gut the insides, replaced the crystal and the band and ta dah! A brand new watch! Happy Valentine's Day to Nick!


  1. Such a thoughtful gift. I would have loved to have seen Nick's face when he saw the watch for the first time.

  2. Oh Gaylin, Do you know what he said? Did you get before photos? He was extremely thrilled, but his first thought was the before and after photos! I burst out laughing.


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