Sunday, February 2, 2014

Floored at Walt Disney World: The Story Behind the Photo

by: Gaylin

I have often heard that people will take a photo of almost anything when they are at Walt Disney World.

To prove this point, here is a photo of a washroom floor! Yes, that is right, I took a photo of a bathroom floor. Why? (I know you are asking.) Because, this floor is awesome, talk about attention to detail. It is in a women's washroom at the Animal Kingdom and the whole floor is made up of 1 inch square tiles patterned to make frogs.

I love this floor . . . this is not the only time I have taken a photo of it. To me it shows the effort that Disney will go to to make something as utilitarian as a washroom floor interesting and fun. And yes, someone noticed I was taking this photo and looked at me like I was crazy!


  1. I have taken almost this exact same photo!

    also lots of other WDW bathroom photos if you search the tag TOTVKOTW on Flickr (That stands for Thrones of the Vacation kingdom of the World) and have done a top 10 Disney bathrooms list on my blog when the WDWNT podcast did their top 10 WDW restrooms.

    1. So glad to know I am not the only one taking bathroom photos! Must go check the top 10!


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