Friday, February 21, 2014

Disney's Split Personality Lunch Box

By: Nick

I love a majority of this 1980 metal lunchbox and thermos. It features wonderful graphics of classic characters enjoying classic rides at Walt Disney World.

Is Donald standing up on the boat in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Did Goofy fall out of his Jungle Cruise boat?

Has Mickey abandoned his Doom Buggy in the Haunted Mansion?

The top gets a little rough, with a lot of rust and a tape name tag, but you can still see that there was an incident on Space Mountain.

Open it up, and interestingly, the thermos is not held in with a clip.

It instead offers a diagram for proper thermos placement.

Then, this lovely box takes an odd turn. It decides to advertise World on Ice.

Now, I have nothing against World on Ice. It brings the Disney magic to many people's hometowns.

But, as a somewhat obsessive person, this throws me completely off, and as a kid, I would have had to pass if confronted with this as a lunch conveyance device.

Luckily, it is displayed on a shelf, and the World on Ice side is hidden, and only brought out as a conversation piece. Okay, that has never actually happened, but if you are ever at my house, please feel free to bring it up.

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