Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Disney Parks Guide Maps

By: Nick

One of the things I pick up each trip, is a set of guide maps from the parks. I have sets going back to 1992, and, yes, I do take them out and look at them every now and again.

As DVC members, we are fortunate enough to take at least one, sometimes many, trips to Walt Disney World and Disneyland every year. I thought I'd start sharing my guides with you all here. They are a wonderful snapshot of the parks at a particular moment in time.

These are from January 2012. The photos on these guides are often beautiful.

I wonder if Kodak's financial issues will have an impact on sponsorship.

 Test Track before its redo.

In addition to English versions, I will often pick up at least one foreign map. This trip, I grabbed a German map from Hollywood Studios, as my wife can speak and read some German.

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  1. I love park maps. I always bring back about a pound of paper . . . I bring home maps for me to save. Maps to cut up for scrapbooking, maps to give to friends to spread the Disney love!


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