Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Epcot Center Opening Day Guide

by: Nick

I've seen this guide book listed on eBay as the Opening Day Guide, although there is nothing on the cover to indicate as much. When I bought it at an antique store many years ago, the white label that someone annoyingly put on the cover, and which, as you can see, I unsuccessfully removed, stated that it was a pre-opening guide. I payed $10 for it.

The inside cover.

Page 1.

The back cover.

Regardless of what it is, I love it. It is like a time capsule, showing many beloved attractions, some still with us, others changed or extinct, pavilion sponsors, and those terrific Epcot Center logos.

Some of the companies that were sponsors don't even exist any longer.

I miss Dreamfinder. Who am I kidding, I miss the whole original ride!

And perhaps my all time favorite ride, Horizons.

On the World Showcase side, the artwork is even more stunning.

There is even a preview for 3 nations that were planned, announced, but never made it.

Finally the book ends showing some of the workmanship that went into what I consider a Wonder of the World, Epcot.

Because of the wonderful photos, and a glimpse back at classic Epcot Center, this is one of my favorite pieces of Disneyana.


  1. I think you're pretty safe assuming that this is a preview guide. There doesn't seem to be any photographs of the Park in its finished state, which is common for such a guide. And the preview pavilions cinch it! Great find, Nick!

  2. What a lovely find. I hope you don't think less of me but I really don't remember the original Dreamfinder . . .

    Too bad there isn't an Israel pavilion, I think that it would have been a great addition to the showcase.

    1. Of course I don't think less if you, Gaylin! It's a shame a lot of people, like Barbie, never got to experience the original attraction.


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