Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mickey and Friends Epcot Center Adventure at Walt Disney World

This set of Happy Meal Toys is from Disney and McDonald's circa 1994, "Mickey and Friends Epcot Center Adventure at Walt Disney World".

The Epcot pavilions represented are, left to right, Chip for China, Pluto for France, Goofy for Norway, Donald for Mexico, Mickey for the United States, Minnie for Japan, Daisy for Germany, and Dale for Morocco.

A close up look at a few.

One day, while looking through boxes in the basement, because my wife thought she remembered me putting some Disney toys down there, she came up with a complete set of these.

When I started to try and find out more about this set on eBay, I discovered that my collection was actually NOT complete! This figure of Dale as a Canadian Mountie was released exclusively in Canada! So I bought one!

The whole gang welcomes it's newest arrival!


  1. Cool! I have the Donald, Mickey and Pluto ones, they are always on display. A friend found them at a garage sale. I will keep a look out for the other 6!

    1. I'll keep an eye for them for you Gaylin.

  2. very cool I have the Minnie, but had never seen the whole set.

  3. I used to have Minnie, i have pluto and dale(not the canadian one).

  4. I Think The Canadian Edition of Dale is Now White Rabbit.

  5. Yep 4 the Redo. Featuring The M.S.E.P. Edition of Alice.


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