Monday, November 25, 2013

Sophia the First: The Floating Palace App Reveiw

 By: Barbie

Sophia the First: The Floating Palace App is designed for the iPhone and iPad and little girls who love mermaids!
Join Sophia and find out how she can swim with the mermaids underwater! Everyone's favorite mermaid, Arial, even makes a cameo appearance!

Read along with Sophia from her book. Then make movies with her and her mermaid friends using different backdrops. You'll be able to move the characters around to make your own movie which you can record to play over and over, or make new ones.

Sophia and her friends are adorable, the book illustrations are lovingly drawn and the voice over work is done so sweetly. I'm sure all little girls will find this app to be such fun. How could you not want to play mermaid under the sea with Sophia?

We'd like to thank Disney Publishing for providing this App for review.

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