Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vancouver to Alaska on the Disney Wonder, 8/26 - 9/2 2013 : Part 7

By: Gaylin 

September 1, 2013
Day at sea, Disney cruise to Alaska

We are motoring home to Vancouver! Another lovely day.

 We started out with breakfast at Tritons as I couldn't face another buffet. I started with fruit, yogurt and breakfast grits, yum!

And continued with bacon and a freshly made omelette. It was a nice way to start our day.

We had fully intended to go back to the room for a bit and then head to Studio Sea for the dessert making demonstration. I found out that as long as neither of us drinks and we both behave like adults (Tyler is 16) then we were allowed to the food demonstrations - if we sat in the back. As it turned out we didn't get to see the dessert making, we both fell asleep! Napping in the morning, must be on a cruise.

Even though it seemed like we had just had breakfast, off we went for lunch at the buffet. I admit, I couldn't get myself to eat the crawdad, maybe if it had been hot, since it was served cold, it was kind of icky.

Planes was showing that afternoon but neither of us was interested. We wanted to spend our time on the ship, since tomorrow it was home.
There is a small deck on the back of the ship where we had intended to spend some time but just after we got there, a couple of cast members showed up to power wash it! We then wandered the halls, peeking in rooms much more luxurious than ours while the cleaning staff had the doors propped open. Wow, some of those rooms are big! Beautifully panelled, large decks - if I ever do cruise again, I would hope to afford a bigger room.

After that, we had our last visit to the coffee shop. I have no idea what I was drinking, it was a cold coffee drink and was dessert in a cup.

Our last dinner was at Parrot Cay. We had a lot of fun again with our servers and the lovely ladies that were our dinner companions. It does show how big the ship is, we only saw the dinner ladies once outside of meal time! Mind you they had a room with a veranda and spent a lot of time there.

This turned out to be one of the best meals for me in the whole cruise. Red snapper with potatoes & veggies in a tomato sauce. It was divine! As you can see . . . I had started eating before I remembered to take a photo.

I was hoping to get an interesting dessert for the last meal but got a cup of chocolate mousse that was barely chocolate flavoured.
That was when we had the inspired idea to order a Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar!!! YUM. I love them. Ended my dinner quite well.

We then raced off to the Walt Disney Theatre for the live performance of Dreams. What an amazing show, all about reaching for your dreams.

The show ended at 9:30 and we had to get to our room to get our baggage out in the hall on time. They give you a full list of instructions on what to do with your baggage, you get baggage tags that are colour coded. Bags that you don't want to carry off ship yourself must be outside the stateroom between 8:30 p.m. and 10:30. We made it just in time!

One last walk around deck before bed, one last sit down and talk for awhile in 'our' chairs on the 10 floor landing. Soon it will all be a memory.

Please stop back tomorrow for the final part of Gaylin's Alaskan Cruise! 
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