Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vancouver to Alaska on the Disney Wonder, 8/26 - 9/2 2013 : Part 8

By: Gaylin 

September 2, 2013
Disney Cruise - docking in Vancouver

On the day you dock back in Vancouver, breakfast is early and in the restaurants. We were back in Parrot Cay, as evidenced by the colourful table setting!

And the breakfast menu!

In truth I don't remember what I had . . . totally forgot to take photos. We were all too busy talking to each other about the cruise about how long it would take us to get home. Life in general. We laughed a lot and at the end of it all, we hugged a lot as well. I think the best part of the cruise for me was the people we met. Our dinner 'ladies' were awesome as were Fitzroy and Megan our servers.

We then went to the atrium and waited until the called group purple. The luggage tags are colour coded and you just wait for your colour to be called. We walked off the ship (so sad) and waded through a large room full of luggage to find ours and then walked out, easiest customs agents ever!

Right outside this dock area we got a cab back to my apartment. It was very anticlimactic having such a short ride home and 'what do you mean, no more Disney!'.

I thought you would all get a laugh out of the amount of toiletries the room host left for us! I will be Disney clean for a very long time to come. Well, I may be nice and give some of it away.

As always at the end of a vacation, I take a photo of all my souvenirs or as I like to call it - loot photos! As you can see, I didn't spend much money while on this cruise. The selection in the stores wasn't that great or I certainly would have. Disney shopping is the only kind of shopping I really like to do.

I hope you have all enjoyed my ramblings on our cruise! I know I have enjoyed sharing our trip with all of you.
See Ya Real Soon!

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  1. Yup, I'm with you when it comes to buying Disney stuff! It would have killed me to leave the ship with so little loot!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing all of these cruise posts, Gaylin! - Lee

    1. You are welcome Lee. I was surprised that the shops had such a big selection of hugely expensive jewelry and nothing for the more frugal shopper!


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