Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vancouver to Alaska on the Disney Wonder, 8/26 - 9/2 2013 : Part 6

By: Gaylin

August 31, 2013
Day 6, Ketchikan Alaska

This would be our last shore stop of the cruise and one of the nice things about it was that we didn't dock until after 10, which meant we slept in a bit!

After a quick breakfast we were among the first off the ship at 10:30. The dock is very near the town of Ketchikan so there is no shuttle buses, just a quick walk and you are there! We both found the town to be quite welcoming, easy to see where we might want to walk to, so that is what we did.

Right on the dock area there are things to use as photo ops . . . While the skies look all cloudy and grey, it was actually quite warm and we didn't get rained on.
As you can see from this very large gauge, Ketchikan gets lots and lots of rain.

This was a great statue in the with the history of the area all in one statue. As you can see on the left, there were 2 other cruise ships in the port, making this small town very full of tourists!
We walked about for an hour and then a quick walk back to the Wonder. We made a fast trip to the buffet and then headed to the Buena Vista movie theatre for a showing of the Avengers! Nothing like some heroes to entertain us in the middle of the day.

Then we headed off ship again and back for more time in Ketchikan, we walked, shopped, had some treats. I noticed a disturbing lack of chocolates on board the ship, got myself some nice big dark chocolate salted caramels and all was well in my world again! There were no whales in this park at all, except for the one bench carved in the shape of a whale but can't miss an opportunity for a photo with a sign.

We strolled back on board in time to get changed for dinner. We were in Animator's Palate for the third time and we were both pretty excited because we knew that we were having Elk Tenderloin for dinner. Both of us are carnivores and this was yummy! Not the best photo of my dinner, as you can see the elk was perfect but another baked potato and barely cooked vegetables, very sad.
We went back to our room to change and this very cool guy was there to great us!
It turns out that neither of us are real joiners so we skipped the evenings entertainment offerings and spent another evening happily wandering around the deck. It was another lovely evening and once it got too dark, we headed back to the room for another movie from bed!

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