Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"I'll Take Pics While You Ride" : Story Behind the Photos

By: Nick

Barbie wearing the pink shirt in the front seat with our friend Josh,
on Expedition Everest.

From Right to Left: Barbie, her cousin Jill, and Jill's husband Zach, 
on the Mad Tea Party, Disneyland.

 Zach, Jill, and Barbie on the Golden Zephyr, at Disney California Adventure.

These 3 photos have 2 things in common, my wife is in them, and I am not.
That's because my wife is enjoying the ride with family and friends, while I take pictures of the fun.
I've started suffering from motion sickness in the last few years, so now, I'm the photographer.

Have you become your groups official photographer/bag holder/sitter?

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  1. There are a few rides that are out of my motion sickness range to go on so yes, when my fellow travellers want to go on those few, I am happy to take a break or take a photo!
    Ever since Rock 'N Roller Coaster made me vomit . . . I have to be more careful on what rides I go on! I can go on the teacups as long as I get to hold the centre wheel as steady as possible for the least amount of spin!


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