Sunday, October 6, 2013

Post Disney Depression and You

By: Nick

The author waving goodbye to his resort, 
on this particular stay, Coronado Springs. 
Note the pained expression.

You know the feeling well. You just got home from a Disney vacation, and you're sad. Very Sad.
How do you deal with this?
I deal with it in several ways.

Book and plan another trip:
Before I even end a Disney vacation, I need to know I have another booked and sometimes, start planning where I'll eat and things to do while there.
I know this is not feasible for everyone, time wise and economically, so let's look at some things anyone and everyone can do.

Do a trip report:
Often before we even leave our vacations, I sort through my photos, and start to write a trip report.
I do this for family, friends, this blog, and the others I contribute to.
It's a great way to revisit the fun (and food!) we have experienced, and sparks conversations with friends and family that can last long after the trip has ended.

Read (or even write) Disney Blogs:
In addition to writing this blog and contributing to others, I also regularly read several. Don't just go to the few "major ones". Smaller blogs add a personalized touch and can fit your style best.

Participate in Social Media groups and forums:
Maybe a blog is too much of a commitment? Well, why not share you experiences in Social Networking groups, such as Disney Dreamers, Disney Day Dreamers , Walt Disney Maniacs, Mousejunkies, Walt's Basement, Disney World Fans & Addicts, and Disneyland Fans & Addicts, to name just a few.
There are also many forums to participate in, such as DVC News.

Listen to Disney Podcasts:
What's a Disney Podcast? It's like a radio show made by Disney fans like us. There are many, to varying degrees of professionalism, topics, and original content. They can be found by doing a search in the iTunes Store. I've listened to dozens, and have a few favorites, such as Be Our Guest, WDW News Today, and WDW Today. (Yes those last 2 are actually very different, despite the very similar names).

Listen to Disney Parks music:
I love park music. I listen to background loops (the music you hear throughout the parks, always there, like a movie soundtrack.) all the time, especially when writing.
You can buy many CD's at the parks.
There are also several online resources to be found, simply do a Google search for Disney music and you'll find several different links. Sorcerer Radio does live streaming and even has an app.
My favorites are D-Cot, MouseWorld Radio, and Magical Mouse Radio.

Read Disney Magazines and books:
I joined D23, the official Disney Fan Club, primarily for the truly amazing D23 Magazine. Every issue is like a book.
There are also a few other great magazines that can be found by doing a Google search for Disney magazines. As for Disney books, simply type in Disney at Amazon, and you'll find a book on just about any topic you can imagine. Also, our friends at Theme Park Press just launched their site.

I hope these ideas help you deal with your PDD.

Portions of this article were originally posted on the Tips From the Disney Divas and Devos Blog.


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