Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jumping for Joy in the Magic Kingdom : Story Behind the Photo

I'm excited to be at the Magic Kingdom, that much is clear. But why? Well, obviously, being in Walt Disney World is a pretty wonderful thing, so why not jump for joy.
But in this photo from January of 2007, I'm jumping for joy to keep my flagging spirits up.
It was our last morning, and I was sad.
But then it occurred to me, "I'm at the Magic Kingdom, how can I be sad?" and my wife caught me right at that moment of clarity.
Dealing with Post Disney Depression is a serious matter, but we shouldn't let that detract from the fun while we are at our Happy Place.
So, even if you're leaving for the airport, or drive home in a little while, jump for joy, you're at Disney!
Please stop back tomorrow to read some tips to battle your Post Disney Depression.


  1. Don't you love that you can jump for joy while at WDW and no one gives you a second glance or a funny look!
    Great photo.

  2. Nice photo and story Nick! I know that last day feeling can hit, and yet some of my best memories are from the last days of some of my trips, so yes Jump for joy while you can! and even when you can't get to the parks for a long time, you can still have some joy. This week marks exactly two years since I last had the opportunity to step inside a Disney theme park and I take joy in the fact that I have a hobby that I love as mush as my interest in the Disney Parks. I take joy in the fact that nowadays we have the internet so we can talk, read, listen to podcasts about, and watch videos that are about those parks year round even if we don't have local friends who "get" our interest in the parks.

    1. Thanks bigbrian. You actually touched on several of the ways I deal with Post Disney Depression!


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