Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jake's Never Land Shapes and Patterns : App Review

By Nick:

I just got back from an adventure with Jake and his crew, and we learned about shapes!

Disney recently released the Jake's Never Land Shapes and Patterns App for iPhone and iPad.

Start your voyage by tapping on where you'd like to begin.

Twilight Treasure Hunt tells a story about a treasure map, interweaving Jake's Shape Games.

Either follow along with the story, or go right to the games, which include Matching Shapes.
Drag the shapes that Jake has made to the rock.

Pirate Patterns is a little more advanced, as you are picking up on patterns. Add the shape that would come next in sequence.

Shape Tracing has your child both finding missing shapes to complete a pattern, it then asks them to draw the shapes with the help of Brtightly, the firefly.

Your reward for playing games is gold doubloons, and new outfits for your pirate puppet!

Tap on Pirate Puppets on the home screen to choose and customize your own puppet.

You can even add a photo!

You can choose not to add a picture, but, of course, I did.

Here, you speak the pirate phrase for playback later.

Choose one of 3 songs to accompany you and your dance! 

The final result is a pirate jig with a recorded pirate message thrown in for good measure!

If your young one loves Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and you are teaching them shapes, I can't think of a better combo than this app to hold their interest and educate and entertain them at the same time.

Disney Musings would like to thank Disney Publishing Worldwide for providing this app for review.

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