Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Girl Chairs at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Little Girl Face Chairs
By: Barbie

"These face chairs, or "Nanny Chairs," were originally found on a 19th century European carousel. While children rode on the elaborately carved and moving animals, the adults were offered the still chairs to rest themselves between activities. Cast from the 1880 European originals, hand painted and gold leafed."

This is the statement on the plaque. I'd be hard pressed to call these little girls.
How about creepy men in dresses?

These two chairs, which reside at Disney's Boardwalk Resort, adorning the sides of the large fireplace in the lobby, are creepy in the extreme! I ask you, was there ever an adult who willingly sat on them without a shudder? Boo, to you!! Happy Halloween!


  1. HA! That is for sure not the face of a little girl!! Creepy is right Barbie!!!

  2. Oh yeah, so creepy. I do remember seeing this and thinking, 'walk away quickly'.

  3. Chris! Just found out from FB comments that they are indeed, creepy old men, and are named Paul and Todd on their backs. I would have never thought to look on the back of these chairs for more info!


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