Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disney Vinylmation Spooky Series 2

Last week I shared Spooky Series 1 which featured Mickey Mouse as Frankenstein, and Minnie as the Bride of Frankenstein.
Disney Vinylmation Spooky Series 2, released in 2012, ratchets up the horror level a few notches!

Pluto as a Werewolf.

Goofy is a very creepy Dracula! Dig those funky contact lenses!

And what is with the gold nail polish?! -shiver-

As with Spooky Series 1, I got these on sale after Halloween, which makes me wonder if they will release a 3rd series. Every collection needs a Creature From the Black Lagoon Donald Duck, after all!

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  1. I did not think to look for these, there seemed to be a lot more vinyls in the park this last visit...


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