Friday, October 11, 2013

App Review- Beers and Ears: The Beers of Walt Disney World

It's probably very obvious I have a love for Disney, what with the blog I write and all. But I have another love. Beer. Combine these 2 loves, and I'm a very happy guy.

I don't like just any beer, mind you. I'm not a fan of many of the mass produced beers from major breweries served at Walt Disney World, but there are some gems scattered around the parks.
But where do you find them?
World Showcase at Epcot is a good bet, but what about finding other, harder to find, brews?

I did a Google search for beer and Walt Disney World, and came upon this terrific site:

Not only did I find a list of the beers served in the World and where they can be found, but there were even beer reviews!
In addition to beers at Disney World, they have a list of beers on the site from Disneyland.

There is also a Beers and Ears app, which I immediately downloaded.

So, how accurate is the App?

On our trip to Walt Disney World a couple of weeks ago, while staying at the Art of Animation resort, I compared what the App said was available at our resort's food court, Landscape of Flavors.

The app was right on with the selection!

As Disney's Pop Century Resort is a short walk away across the Generation Gap Bridge, I checked to see what was available over there. They actually have a really great selection of excellent beers I've had, as well as several from a brewery called Cigar City from Tampa that I've been really interested in trying for a long time!

The App correctly listed the 3 beers available from Cigar City, but the other craft beers were not listed. Perhaps these were recently added to Pop's selection, as they are listed as being available at other Resorts.

So, final analysis, it's a free app, so how can you go wrong, even if they aren't 100% accurate? I'd have been more disappointed that the beer that they said WAS available, wasn't, and was pleasantly surprised that there were other great beers in stock.


  1. Thanks for the review Nick!

    Our list is based on what people send us and what we've seen. We'll be sure to update Pop with the latest!

    1. Good to know, Scott, thank you, I will be happy to submit what I see on future trips.

  2. Nick - beers and ears . . . you make me laugh.

    1. I only wish I has come up with that brilliance Gaylin!


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