Friday, October 25, 2013

Distracted at Disney : Story Behind the Photo

Barbie, Nick, Queen of Hearts, Tom and Pam
By: Barbie

This is a photo from our first Halloween together with Pam and Tom. Nick met Pam through the DVC News Forum and we arranged to meet at the Haunted Mansion and together we would enjoy Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party! 

So anyway, the story behind this hilarious photo!

There were many character meet and greets right around the trick or-treat-trail by Tomorrowland. The four of us were all gathered around the "Queen" ready for our photograph, when off to the right, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were just getting toppled over like a bunch of unstable dominoes by an overly enthusiastic and robust park visitor!

As you can see, Nick and Pam are posing practically perfectly, while Tom and I are way too involved by the hubabaloo! None of our other photos came out either! But the memories will last forever!


  1. HA! I was wondering about that look on our face!

  2. I think Barbie is trying to flirt with a Dwarf, Bashful maybe . . .

  3. There is always so much going on that its hard to concentrate on the photographer, who by the way is holding still and not calling your attention LOL
    Cute pic!


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