Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disney's Planes - Movie Review

On Sunday afternoon, Nick and I decided to go see “Planes,” the newest Disney Pictures film produced by DisneyToon Studios.

Nick had been telling me that many reviewers and even our Disney friends had been panning the movie, and not to expect much. I went into the theater expecting the worst and left the theater wondering why people were bad-mouthing a movie that we enjoyed so much!

As much as we liked the movie, it was predictably formulaic, but I didn’t really care. I was there for the lovely graphics, music and endearing characters. The graphics were not as polished and detailed as a Pixar production, but the flying scenes were still very well done, and I am sure this movie was done at a fraction of the budget of a Pixar film.

There have been many comparisons of Planes to Cars. Well, yeah, there were cars and cute little fork lifts, and tractors in fields, and a race...but Cars was about an egotistical protagonist who learns humility with the help of newly made friends and a curmudgeonly elder mentor character, while Planes is about a humble protagonist who remains true to himself and his friends throughout the movie, and gathers new friendships along the way. He does get help from a curmudgeonly elder character as well. It’s the story of a true underdog who has to fight his way to the top, and he keeps his heart while doing it.
We really enjoyed this movie, and hope you do too!

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