Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Stockade!

Guest Writer Wednesdays

In the Stockade!
By: Gaylin

Since my first vacation, I have tried to have my photo taken in the stocks in the Magic Kingdom. If I had a photo scanner I could show you the older photos, but, since I don't, here are a few of the newer ones.

This first one is with my shiny bald head in 2005.

This next one is obviously from 2006, since a friend photoshopped the 2006 onto the front.

And here we have 2007.

And December of 2008. Love that Tigger Christmas hat!

And last but not least, 2011.

I have a few other places that I always try to have my photo taken in – anybody else have a favorite photo spot?


  1. Back in the stockade, year after year -- when will she ever learn? . . . ;-)

  2. Some gals are just born bad!

    We always take our pic in front of Spaceship Earth, but I like your spot better!

  3. Barbie! you made me laugh!

    And Mary, yep, every year I do something wrong and end up in the stocks on vacation.


  4. I was hoping you'd snort liquid from your nose when you red that!


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