Saturday, August 24, 2013

Disney's The Prince and the Pauper


Disney's The Prince and the Pauper is an animated short released in 1990, playing before The Rescuers Down Under
I watched it recently, along with the other shorts included on Disney Animation Collection 3.
The Prince and the Pauper stars Mickey Mouse in a dual role as, well, Mickey Mouse, a Pauper, as well as the role of the Prince.
The King is gravely ill, and the captain of the guard, Pete, takes this opportunity, along with his weasel guards, to rob the kingdom in the King's name.
Mickey and his faithful dog Pluto, and his best friend, Goofy, are peasants who dream of a better life.
Meanwhile, the Prince wishes to experience the fun of an ordinary citizen.
When Mickey stumbles into the castle courtyard in pursuit of an errant Pluto, the Prince seizes the opportunity to pull of a ruse. 
Mickey shall be pretend to be the Prince, while the Prince journeys out to walk among his subjects.
Both Mickey and the Prince discover that the other mouse's life is not all that it is cracked up to be.
Things go from bad to worse when their plot is discovered by Pete.
To complicate matters even further, the King passes while the Prince is away.
Mickey is to be crowned King, and his told he will do exactly as Pete says, and Pete holds Pluto captive to ensure Mickey is compliant.
The Prince is captured, and thrown in the dungeon with Donald, the Prince's Valet. 
Goofy manages a not so daring rescue, and they reveal Pete as the scoundrel he is.
The Prince is made the King, and Goofy and Mickey remain at his side, ruling justly.
This is a wonderful cartoon with fun, fast paced action, and even touching moments.

Also included on Disney Animation Collection 3 are Silly Symphonies from 1933, The Pied Piper and Old King Cole.
A Knight for a Day from 1946 stars Goofy. And Goofy. And, well, Goofy plays every part!
Ye Olden Days is a Mickey Mouse cartoon, also from 1933. This is a musical set in Medieval times with Mickey playing a wandering minstrel who saves the Princess, played by Minnie, from the Prince of Poopoopadoo, played by Goofy (who was still known as Dippy Dawg at that time). 

Back when I visited the Walt Disney Family Museum, this sketch from Ye Olden Days was so impressive, I had to photograph it.

I love Ye Olden Days. Walt voices Mickey, but also sings a couple of tunes in this beautifully animated classic.


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