Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trip Report from November, continued...

Nov. 13, continued...
After Nick got his photo with Baloo, we went back to World Showcase to enjoy the last day of the Food and Wine Festival. We went back to visit our very favorite dishes. Oh those tacos were so good! Nick went nuts with the beer sampling and tried to get Josh involved. Nick recalls that by the time we got around to the other side of World Showcase, he was feeling no pain. We did treat ourselves to more than a couple of the dessert trio from the Dessert and Champagne Booth. I may have mentioned before that the lemon dessert was tremendous. I also enjoyed one small glass of the ice wine from the Canadian Pavilion. After our dessert fest we rode Test Track and Spaceship Earth.

We then headed for Downtown Disney, where we window shopped for a few hours. At Goofy's Candy Company, Nick made a wild concoction: a Chocolate Fudge Cookie covered in dark chocolate with M&Ms with chocolate drizzle, a monstrosity that took him three days to finish, it was so dense. The rest of us were too scared to try that one.

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