Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort, continued...

Thursday, 1/12
Despite the late night, Nick was up at 6:30am. (of course) We walked over to Disney's Hollywood Studios, and made our way back to Toy Story Midway Mania, which was down. We got a couple of FastPasses, and went to Tower of Terror, riding twice. I got a little one on one time with Minnie which was a treat as we both wore pink that day! Nick and I went to Starring Rolls and got a Chocolate Peanut Butter muffin, and a Strawberry parfait. While checking out, a Cast Member handed Nick a Mickey shortbread cookie with chocolate dipped ears to give to me, I had said something nice to her and turned around to take some photos, so I was oblivious to the transaction. I immediately ran back in to give her a big hug!

As we were finishing eating, the Citizens of Hollywood were just starting their Citizen Roll Call, so we watched that, then headed to get our photos with characters in the Animation Building.

We got our photo taken with Pooh.

Then we spent about an hour going through One Man's Dream. Nick loves this attraction/exhibit. I love the historical items they have displayed, Walt's early school desk is displayed where he carved his initials, his office and all the furniture is set up in a room, so many personal items. It is something worth walking through if you have always passed it by.

We didn't have time for the film, as we were meeting John and Kandi for lunch at the Brown Derby. As usual, a great meal. Nick had the crab egg rolls, Cobb Salad, and Grapefruit Cake. I had the Cobb Salad, which was invented at the Original Brown Derby in California. Sometimes it's all I crave in the summer.

On our way out of the park, I stopped to ask a Cast Member if I could see her pin lanyard, a Stitch pin had caught my eye. I traded for the Stitch pin, and the Cast Member asked if I had gotten a chance to see Stitch that day. I said no, I had not seen him on my whole trip! The CM got a real big smile on her face and asked us all to come with her. We walked into a little side area next to Guest Services. The CM went "backstage" for a moment, and then Stitch popped his head out from behind a wall! Then out came Donald, Daisy, Piglet, and Minnie Mouse! We were all just floored! A big hug fest ensued. We were thrilled beyond belief!!

It was all we could talk about as we returned to the Boardwalk to get John and Kandi's rental, then drove over to the Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course. We did the Winter side, and had a very good time. This is a great escape from the parks, if you are looking for something different, or just need to get away from the crowds.

Back at the Boardwalk, we all went for a swim and hot tub. We showered and met in the lobby, and walked over to the Beach Club. Nick and John went to the arcade while waiting for a table at Beaches and Cream. At B&C, we split a burger and fries, and the 4 of us split a Kitchen Sink!

There was nothing left after we got done with it! We went to Epcot, and watched Illuminations, then made it an early night.


  1. Looks like you guys had a super fun time!

  2. Just found your blog and I am hooked! Great photos of fun!

  3. We did Jill, I wish you could have been there!

    Thank you so much Gaylin! Do you have a blog as well?

  4. No I don't have a blog. I do read lots of them . . .

    I do love how happy you all look, after all it is WDW, smiles for everyone.

  5. Thanks Gaylin, If you can't be happy at Disney, where can you be happy? WDW seems to bring out the most happy part of me, and I just love to share it around with everyone I meet, I think Nick feels the same way, we'd love to work there someday.


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