Monday, January 23, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort, continued...

Monday 1/9
Up early as usual, because of course, there's no sleeping in on vacation, and off to Epcot for rope drop. They didn't let us International Gateway folks in until a bit after 9:00am. Nick and I went right to Soarin, and then had breakfast at Sunshine Seasons. (If you're reading this, get the croissant wild berry bread pudding.)
We headed over to Test Track, which was up to a 40 minute wait, so we got FastPasses and went into Mouse Gear. Nick was looking at the Vinylmation section, where we met another couple, and Nick and them talked about their vinyl collections. Star Wars vinyls were in, so Nick bought one. An impromptu vinyl session broke out, as they opened two that he wanted, so he picked out two and traded. Amazingly, the two Nick picked were ones they wanted. Then another couple joined in, and he wound up doing some trading with them! Awesome morning.

The last couple he traded with even gave us their FPs for Test Track, as they were heading out, so we rode with their passes as it was for an earlier time, and gave ours to another couple.

We headed back to the room to drop off all the Vinyl. I wasn't feeling so well, so decided to rest. Nick waited in the lobby for John and Kandi, and after they arrived, they headed over to Epcot, to meet up with some of the Peacocks (the marathon running team). Robyn, Scott, Clarissa and Matthew met them in front of Germany, and they ran into Beth, Noel, Carlos, and Eileen. They all walked around World Showcase, having drinks randomly as we went along.

They picked me up, to go to dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. It was a good buffet, with The Prince, Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters.

We then went over to Bay Lake Towers for Scott's birthday party. This was an amazing party, with fun and interesting people, and we can't stress enough how generous and lovely Scott and Robyn are. This was a raucous party, and it was Disney Magic that security never came to break it up. Nick was a bit inebriated!

A great day!

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