Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort, continued...

Saturday 1/14
Nick and I walked over to Epcot around 9:30am, and went through the shops. We rode Imagination to see Figment and to smell the skunky smell. It reminds me of when Nick and I started dating and my little dog was hit by a skunk at a party I was having; Nick was the only one who stayed to help clean him (or was it me he was spraying with that hose?)!

Then we headed to Italy in the World Showcase.

We had 11:30am reservations at Via Napoli with John and Kandi. Nick had the calamari appetizer, and Nick, Kandi and I split a large pizza with mushrooms. John had the soup and Chicken Parmesan. Really good. Afterwards we walked into the plaza, where a show was going on. We had no idea what it was about, but no sooner had we stopped, then I was being pulled into it! From what the rest of them could gather, it was some sort of fashion show. I think it had to do with me being one of their long lost sisters. Really, we are all still clueless. But I had a great time hamming it up anyway.

We then walked down to the Land, to ride Listen to the Land. We met briefly with a couple of Nick's Facebook friends, and then headed to Spaceship Earth.

After that we headed back to World Showcase, for sipping and snacking. Mmmm, I loved the snacking part, and Norway is my favorite place to find snacks. We met up with Robyn in Germany, and talked for a while. It was getting very chilly and windy out, so we walked back to the Resort to get warmer clothes. We said our goodbyes to Robyn, as she and Scott were heading home.

I started to feel quite ill, so I stayed behind to hit the gift shop's cold and flu section, which surprisingly, was well stocked and had everything I needed. John, Kandi and Nick went back to Epcot to continue their food and drink tour. They met up with Millie and Ken at the Liberty Inn, in the American Pavilion, and continued their tour. They eventually wound up in the United Kingdom, Millie and Nick with beers thanks to Ken, and watched Illuminations. Looking back on this and other trips, Disney friends are the best!

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