Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort, continued...

Sunday, 1/8
We got up and had an early morning swim. It was cool out, and it was actually warmer in the heated pool. We also spent some time in the hot tub, and jumped back into the pool. Back and forth. We got ready and called our friend John, as Sunday was the day of the Walt Disney World Marathon, and his wife and our friend, Kandi was running. He was going to different locations along the route to see and assist her in any way needed. He came and picked us up, and we were able to catch her at a couple of spots. We then picked her up at the end, triumphant, having run both the Half Marathon on Saturday, and now, the full. That's called the Goofy Challenge.

We then went back to their room at the Animal Kingdom, Kidani Village, and we explored the Resort while Kandi showered and got ready to head to Celebration, a town just south of Disney World that the Disney Company built, and, until a few years ago, owned, to have lunch. We happened upon a farmers market in the town center, and we wound up just getting sandwiches at a cart. Look at the stuff that happens there. Cats on bikes. Horses pulling carts for fun!

We came back to the Boardwalk, changed, and headed out to Downtown Disney. We had 6:30 reservations at The Turf Club, at Saratoga Springs Resort. We got a boat over, and checked in.

About 20 minutes later we were seated. John and Nick had the steak, which was okay, but not great. I had a pork chop which was really good. Kandi had a couple of appetizers. Afterwards we headed back over to the Downtown Disney area. We stopped at Raglan Road to meet the Peacock running team, and many members of the DVC News Forums. After spending a little time chatting, the four of us headed off to the Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours. We rode Big Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion, then walked around a bit, winding up at The Main Street Bakery for dessert. Fresh Cinnamon rolls.

We closed the park, and called it a night. Can you believe we closed the park?


  1. We were staying at the Boardwalk at the same time (we ran in the 1/2 marathon on the 7th). Best hotel ever!

  2. Congrats on running! It is one of my favorite resorts, so close to two parks, so peaceful, a lovely place to be.

  3. In this picture, is that the castle Christmas decorations? I will be making my first Disney trip this January for marathon weekend, and would love to see it still decorated!

    1. Yes, you'll very likely get to see the castle decorated on your trip. I hope you do, it's really amazing!


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