Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort

Saturday, 1/7
As told by Barbie and Nick, photos by Barbie.
We flew out of Philadelphia , and arrived in Orlando and we immediately took Magical Express, which took us right to Boardwalk Villas. A room was ready! It is a standard view studio, looking towards the main entrance of the Boardwalk Resort.

We unpacked, and headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios, where we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Mama Melrose's. We were a little early, so went to Muppetvision, and afterwards the Muppet shop. Lunch was at 2:30pm, and we were seated soon after we checked in. Nick had the Chicken Parmesan and I had the Chicken Campanella. Both were good, but my dish was outstanding.

We then headed over to Star Tours, where the wait was 30 minutes. We got FastPasses, and headed down Sunset Blvd. to check the wait time on Tower of Terror. It was 50 minutes, so we decided to just check out shops until our Fast Pass time for Star Tours came up. As we walked, a Streetmosphere show was just starting. It was either the Most Interesting Citizen of Hollywood, or Funniest Citizen Contest, either way, it was great. The "host" would ask a random guest what they did for a living, and a tool they used for their job, and the "citizens" would then have to tell a joke based on that item. Nick was one of the random people asked, and he said "screwdriver," for instance. Each round of jokes, a citizen would be eliminated based on the audience reaction to their jokes.

If you ever get a chance to see one of these shows, stop, and take the time to do so, it is one of the best things at this park. By then, it was time to ride Star Tours. The standby line was only 10 minutes, so we got in that, then rode again using our FastPasses. Afterwards, we headed back to the resort, and discovered that they roast marshmallows by the pool every evening. Free food! On a stick! Nick's dream come true. He immediately sat and ate a few, then headed back to the room for the rest of the evening.

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