Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trip Report from January, 2012: Boardwalk Resort, continued...

Wednesday, 1/11
Nick had a severe food hangover from Boma the night before, but we made 8:00am Extra Magic Hours at the Animal Kingdom because he never sleeps when he's in Disney. Nick and I rode Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing. Robyn and Scott met us in front of it after our first Safari, and we all rode again. Then we went to the Pangani Trail to see all the animals along that walking route,

then walked over to Expedition Everest. Scott and Nick waited while Robyn and I rode. We went for the single rider lane and it went very quickly. We then headed over to Dinosaur, Nick's favorite ride. We walked over to the tiger trail, my new favorite spot at the Animal Kingdom, and watched tigers at play. I do believe they have the most playful tigers ever.

We met Millie and Ken on the way out, and talked for a little while. Robyn and Scott drove us over to the Contemporary Resort, where we met Kandi and John for lunch at The Wave. We all agreed the food was okay, Nick loved his scallop appetizer, but the Bison burgers we ordered were barely average.

Back at the Boardwalk with John and Kandi, we attended our first Welcome Home Wednesday, a weekly Disney Vacation Club event held at the Atlantic Dance Hall. We met Deevy Cee and she was a hoot! This event is free, and very popular. There is a Jeopardy type game, where random guests are selected and gifts are given out. On the way out, we were all given a DVC baseball cap. It was a very nice gift!

We walked out into a pouring rain, which quickly subsided. We decided to drive out to the Disney outlet, outside of property, where I got a cruise line jacket marked over half off. We also stopped at D Street Downtown Disney's West Side, where Nick picked up several Vinylmations. No fun spontaneous trading occurred. For dinner, Nick, Kandi, John and I went to Big River Grill on the Boardwalk, meeting up with Robyn and Scott. Afterwards we all went to Jellyrolls, the dueling piano bar on the Boardwalk, where we were joined by Ken, Millie, Dave and Cathy, who also had 2 friends with them. It was a big group! People love this place, it is so popular. Sing alongs, dancing, celebrations of all sorts are, well, celebrated! It is however, loud-in the extreme, with strobe lights, so if you have problems with that be careful. Earplugs work for only a few minutes, really. I retired early, while Nick stuck around till 1:00am! If you haven't been, Nick and the whole gang can't recommend it more.


  1. We got caught in the rain at AK on 1/11, looks like you guys lucked out by going early!

  2. Hi Tink, I can't believe we never bumped into each other. We did get rained on, but we were able to duck under awnings on the Boardwalk for some of it!


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