Friday, March 25, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum!

By Gaylin

In recent years I have tried to buy less Disney items and make more memories. And then they came out with Tsum Tsum . . . Originally a game app for a cell phone, it became popular enough that they started to bring out tiny stuffed Tsum Tsum and they turned out to be wildly popular. Now you can get Tsum Tsum in the 3 1/2 inch small size up to a huge pillow Tsum Tsum.

They now release eight new Tsum Tsum every first and sometimes 3rd Tuesday of the month at Disney Stores. I have gone to the store on Tsum Tsum Tuesday and they have a line-up for these cuties. When a new series is really popular, the racks of Tsum Tsum are kept behind the tills, they limit the number of Tsum you can buy, 2 each of the 8 new releases.

My original purchase of Tsum Tsum was at the Once Upon a Toy store at Disney Springs. I thought they would be a great souvenir to bring home for friends so I bought 3 of them.

I live in Vancouver and until recently, it was a trek for me to get to a Disney Store. Then they opened one right in downtown Vancouver, making it much easier to get my Disney fix.

These are the Tsum Tsum I have at home now. See what I mean by cute! First up is Lotso Huggins Bear (sadly he doesn't smell like strawberries) and then we have Bashful from Snow White, I got him free using my Disney Movie Reward points, then Tigger and finally Tinker Bell.

That was going to be it, just a few. And then they came out with this set for Christmas! The whole gang, all dressed up and ready to be Merry.

Recently I went into Toys R Us . . . bad mistake. Turns out you can get small hard plastic Tsum Tsum in sets of 9 (one in each set is a mystery Tsum Tsum).  I purchased 2 sets of these and they now look at me from the base of my computer. The mystery in the first set was Happy from Snow White and in the second set, I was thrilled to find the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Second from the left in the middle row!

To show the level of detail in these small Tsum Tsum . . . here is the Red Queen from the back. Cuteness level = off the chart!

They have released Marvel and Pixar Tsum Tsum as well, something for every collector!

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  1. oh man those hard plastic ones are really cute! and I am such a sucker for the "mystery item" gimmick!! The only tsum tsums I have (so far) is the entire lion king set. I bought it for my boyfriend for our anniversary (since Lion King helped us get together and they just so happened to come out the same week)


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