Monday, December 7, 2015

Mickey and Pluto Downhill Dashing Hallmark Ornaments

By Nick 

These 2 Disney ornaments were released by Hallmark in 2012

They are part of a set of ornaments featuring the Fab Five, titled "Ready! Set! Snow!",  that were released from their premiere weekend in July, through November 2nd.

First up we have Downhill-Dashin' Mickey. I am not exactly sure what happened to the box, but it got crushed somehow!

This ornament has a notch to connect other ornaments in the set. 

From the box:

Downhill-Dashin' Mickey
Ready! Set! Snow!

Mickey loves to race the sled through snow and ice and slush. And when he wants more speed, he simply hollers, "Pluto, mush!"

This ornament can be connected to others in the "Ready! Set! Snow!" collection. Collect them all to create a delightful holiday display!

Nello Williams
Cullen Brown
Hallmark Keepsake Artist
Next up, we have Sled-Pullin' Pluto.
A string, er, rope is attached, for Mickey to grab, while Pluto does the heavy lifting!

From the box:

Sled-Pullin' Pluto
Ready! Set! Snow!

Sledding is always fun to do with Pluto for a guide-when Mickey and the gang climb on, he'll take them for a ride!

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the rest of the set.

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