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Do You Collect Disney Ornaments?

If you are a regular reader of this blog (thank you!) you'll no doubt know I collect Disney Ornaments. So does my wonderful Disney Exchange Podcast co-host and fellow blogger Lisa Green! -Nick

By: Lisa Green




If you follow Living a Disney Life on Facebook, you may have noticed I’ve been trying to post an ornament a day from our Disney-themed Christmas tree.  I’ve really been enjoying picking an ornament to feature each day and remembering where and when each ornament was purchased (or made).  There’s the ornament we bought on our 2011 Alaskan cruise on the Disney Wonder, the ones we got to remember our Disney World vacations, the new one Raymond picket out this year to commemorate our Anniversary trip, and the ornaments of some of our favorite Disney movie characters. While I can’t remember the exact year every ornament was purchased, there are a few that I know exactly when we got them and who picked them out.


Back before Joseph was born when Megan was an only child, we started a Christmas tradition that has meant a lot to me over the years.  Back in the early 1990’s our local mall had a temporary Christmas shop that would open every year in the fall and had an astounding selection of ornaments.  We would visit that shop and allow Megan to choose an ornament every year.


We’d write her name and the year on the back or bottom of the ornament with the plan to give her those ornaments for her own tree when she grew up.


Only now I don’t want to.  Give them away, I mean. I feel selfish, but if Megan doesn’t actually remember the plan, she won’t realize those ornaments were intended to be hers, right?  She’ll think they were labeled for nostalgic purposes and I’ll be off the hook.  Maybe, since she doesn’t have a Disney-themed tree, she’ll want those ornaments to stay at our house so when she has children of her own, they can see the ornaments she picked out as a child when they visit their grandparents’ house!  Yes, that sounds like a great plan!  You understand, don’t you?


When I see those ornaments, I can so clearly remember what my little girl was like.  Born during the Disney Renaissance, Megan had a love for characters like Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Megara.  In fact, there was a certain Pocahontas costume that was worn nearly every day until it became too small.  She was a sweet, precious, easy-going child who has become an amazing, happy, lovely adult.  I’m attached to those ornaments and the memories they represent!

Do you collect Disney ornaments?  What would you do in my predicament?  Would you keep the ornaments or pass them on to their rightful owner?

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