Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Minnie and Fifi Hallmark Ornament

By Nick 

This ornament of Minnie Mouse and her fuzzy friend Fifi, titled Tangled Up in Fun, was released in 2012.

Who is Fifi? I assumed she was a Dachshund, but apparently she’s a Pekinese. Her first appearance goes all the way back to the 1933 short “Puppy Love”!

Fifi went on to star in 6 more short cartoons between 1934 and 1947.

Tangled Up in Fun
Minnie Mouse
Minnie’s getting ready to walk Fifi in the park.
The puppy sees the leash and begins to jump and bark!
With Fifi’s leash all tangled up in Minnie’s legs that way-wonder if they’ll even make it out the door today.
Anita Marra Rogers
Hallmark Keepsake Artist

Time for a walk in the park.

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