Saturday, September 6, 2014

Where'd Spaceship Earth Go?! : Story Behind the Photo

This is from January 2007. I'm standing in Innoventions Plaza, behind me is the Fountain of Nations. Behind that you should see a very large silver geodesic sphere known as Spaceship Earth.
Perhaps it was stolen by one of the Disney Villains? Or maybe it's the fog.
Have you ever seen it so foggy at Walt Disney World?


  1. Actually, yes we have. We have even seen it icy and light snow (not the soapy variety) once. Florida and Disney World has so much to offer. Now, maybe if I clean my glasses I *think* I can see the silver geodesic sphere.....or is it a golf ball.....

  2. I love this photo and if Space Ship Earth was stolen, you know it was Stitch who took it.
    Perfect pose! love love love this pic.


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